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Knowledge, Experience, Accessibility, and Family Owned

Starting and maintaining a business in the current competitive marketplace takes perseverance, skill and the right professional team.  Continuing profitability is possible when dedicated and knowledgeable professionals collaborate, sharing their resources and knowledge.  From insurance planning and business succession strategies to tax and retirement planning for business owners need deliberate and meticulous financial advisors by their side.

Many of our clients are self employed entrepreneurs who rely on us to help them make business decisions.  We play an essential role in their personal and professional financial well being.  We have helped many business clients create and fund Buy/Sell Agreements, decide whether to rent or purchase an office, formulate succession plans, and design and implement Retirement Plans that help them achieve their retirement goals.  Our goal is to create a successful financial future for the business and its owners.

Kolinsky Wealth Management focuses on long term client relationships.  We obtain a comprehensive financial planning understanding of our clients’ finances and construct a customized solution to address their needs.  The team at Kolinsky Wealth Management cultivates success by nurturing their clients.  With the cumulative experience, resources and values of the KWM team, we help guide clients toward financial stability estate planning and their future goals.

For decades KWM has provided unique and impactful services to business owners.  The partnerships we have established with CPAs and other financial professionals have proven to be beneficial to our clients.

While most businesses may have a stockbroker and insurance agent, rarely do they encounter an advisor that offers the number of services and have the knowledge that KWM can offer. The relationships we build with our clients are special.  We partner with the client’s attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to help them achieve their financial goals.

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