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Kolinsky Wealth Management is a member of Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a national alliance of accomplished advisors whose intelligence and ingenuity combine to create tangible value for sponsors and participants of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.  Our alliance represents 370 members in 45 states, serving 21,000 plan sponsors with $86 Billion in collective assets under advisement.  We offer objectivity and attention of an independent advisor with strength and resources of a national leader.

As a member of RPAG, we are backed by an extensive team of retirement plan experts. RPAG provides KWM with CFAs, ERISA Specialists, Advisor Support, Fee Benchmarking Specialists, and Plan Consultants to help serve our plan sponsors.

Our services include:

  • Fee Benchmarking and Vendor Searches through our B3 Provider AnalysisSM
  • Independent Investment Due Diligence using the proprietary ScorecardSM System
  • Fiduciary Guidance, utilizing the Fiduciary Fitness ProgramTM
  • Target Date Fund Consulting
  • High-touch Participant Education delivering a roadmap to retirement

Case Study – Corporate 401 (K) Plan

One of our clients has 150 employees covered under a 401(k) Plan. The highly compensated where capped on the amount of money they could defer in order to pass the Average Percentage Deferral Test. We were able to implement a Non-Qualified Plan for their key highly compensated employees. These key employees were able to defer more than the $24,000 maximum limit on the 401(k) Plan.

A corporation asked us to review their 401(k) investment options. Upon our review, we noticed that the mutual fund share classes being used had very high fees. We explained how this could expose the trustee to ERISA and other Department of Labor issues. Acting as a fiduciary, we were able to find lower cost share classes for the same mutual funds, which resulted in lower asset management fees for the plan participants.

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