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Knowledge, Experience, Accessibility, and Family Owned

We are an independent SEC registered investment advisory firm. We focus on creating custom portfolios that help grow, manage, and preserve our client’s wealth. Kolinsky Wealth Management’s comprehensive range of professional investment services are used to develop a personalized plan for each client. By utilizing traditional and alternative asset classes in our asset allocated strategies, we better diversify our client’s portfolios and position them for long term growth.

The goal of our investment advisory services is to build and protect personal wealth by utilizing detailed, systematic investment strategies.  We’ll help you develop a personalized retirement plan that we benchmark and review over time to ensure your goals remain on track.

We can provide you comprehensive financial planning with a range of professional investment management services including:

Asset Allocation Modeling: From equities to fixed income, domestic to international, our asset allocations diversify your investments to find the most suitable combination of risk and reward.

Institutional Asset Management: KWM provides you with access to some of the most well-respected asset managers in today’s financial markets.  It is our job to constantly research and work with institutional asset managers to help you achieve your goals.

Fixed Income Strategies: Given the scope of debt markets, a particular level of knowledge and experience is needed to develop fixed income strategies that provide the stability, yield, and liquidity demanded by an individual investor.

Alternative Investments: At KWM, alternative investments are available to further diversify your portfolio.  We strongly believe that non-market correlated assets, such as real estate, private debt, and private equity play an essential role in your portfolio.

Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolio Solutions: With thousands of mutual funds and exchange traded funds available, our knowledge helps to integrate these diversified instruments in a suitable, cost-efficient approach that works well for our investors.

Ongoing Monitoring and Comprehensive Reporting: Transparency and vigilance is the foundation of effective wealth management.  Our client’s are able to continuously monitor account performance and activity.  Quarterly statements and reports provide our clients extensive insights into their investment portfolios.

A fee structure that is simple and transparent: Our fee structure is simple, transparent, and easy to understand.  It also gives us an incentive to grow your assets.  When you succeed we succeed.  We are compensated by charging our clients a competitive asset management fee to manage their portfolios.  One benefit of being an independent, family run firm is that we can be very competitive in our pricing.

How Kolinsky Wealth Management Can Help

Our knowledge is built upon 40+ years of wealth management experience.  The KWM team has helped guide clients through nearly every market condition with a consistency and professionalism that sets us apart.

Experience Counts

KWM is built using the knowledge of our unique team.  With CHFCs, CFPs, and other professionals on staff, our collective knowledge base is the foundation of our success and what distinguishes our firm.


KWM is a wealth management firm that takes pride in servicing our clients.  We treat our clients like they are part of our family. Explore some more Below:

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