2nd Generation, Full-service Wealth Management Firm

Founded by Steven Kolinsky in 1982, Kolinsky Wealth Management (KWM) is a full-service wealth management firm serving high net worth individuals and business owners throughout the US. Based in Ramsey, NJ KWM provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions for their clients including Investment Advisory Services, Retirement Plan Design and Consulting, Wealth Transfer Planning, and Financial Planning. Steven is joined by his sons, Jason and Chad, ensuring a second generation at Kolinsky Wealth Management, LLC.
KWM is an SEC registered investment advisor

Knowledge, Experience, Accessibility, and Family Owned

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

Kolinsky Wealth Management has decades of experience, trust and dedication that can help your financial needs.






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What Makes Us Unique

Kolinsky Wealth Management focuses on long term relationships, not products.  Once we have a full understanding of your finances, we construct a customized solution that suits your unique needs.  We succeed by developing trusting relationships with our clients – working closely with attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to create personalized wealth management strategies tailored just for you.

We pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to integrity, stability, long-term relationships, and the highest standards of service and performance.  We look forward to helping you meet your financial goals.

The clients we serve are a remarkable diverse group.  They range from successful entrepreneurs and business owners to high net worth families and corporate executives, all with a desire to nurture, grow and protect their assets.  No matter where you fit into this spectrum you can be sure that our commitment remains to serve every client as a unique individual with a customized program to help them meet their financial goals.

Financial Services We Offer

Investment Advisory Services

We are an independent federally registered investment advisory firm.  We focus on creating custom portfolios that help grow, manage, and preserve our client’s wealth. Kolinsky Wealth Management’s comprehensive range of professional investment services are used to develop a personalized plan for each client.  By utilizing traditional and alternative asset classes in our asset allocated strategies, we better diversify our client’s portfolios and position them for long term growth.

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Retirement Planning for Privately Held Businesses

Small / Medium Business Owners and Corporations face unique challenges that require the knowledge of an entrepreneurial firm like KWM.  A qualified retirement plan can provide large tax deductions while allowing the business owners to save for their retirement. Qualified plans include a 401(k) Plan, a profit sharing plan, a defined benefit plan or a hybrid combination.

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Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting

Kolinsky Wealth Management is a member of Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a national alliance of accomplished advisors whose intelligence and ingenuity combine to create tangible value for sponsors and participants of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.  Our alliance represents 370 members in 45 states, serving 21,000 plan sponsors with $86 Billion in collective assets under advisement.  We offer objectivity and attention of an independent advisor with strength and resources of a national leader.

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Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code provides an effective strategy for deferring capital gains tax that you may incur when selling your business/investment properties.  By exchanging the property with like-kind real estate, property owners may defer their tax and use all of the proceeds from the sale to purchase of replacement property.  1031 Exchanges are one of the most tax efficient ways for real estate owners to preserve and build their wealth.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is about more than reducing estate taxes and increasing estate liquidity.  We spend hours with clients helping them plan what assets pass to which child or other family members.  We help you outline your plan before sending you to an estate planning attorney to prepare your documents.  KWM coordinates our plan with your accountant and attorney to create you estate planning team.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

The most effective financial planning takes every aspect of a person’s financial life:  investing, taxes, cash flow, insurance needs, retirement planning and much more, and integrates it into a comprehensive strategy that is thorough yet straightforward.  With a strategy to guide the way, you can achieve long term financial goals.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is a vital part of a successful financial plan.  Our focus on life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care coverage will make sure that all potential risks are covered.  We have the ability to work with most major insurance carriers through our affiliated firm Kolinsky Financial Group, Inc.

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Privately Held Business Consulting

Starting and maintaining a business in the current competitive marketplace takes perseverance, skill and the right professional team.  Continuing profitability is possible when dedicated and knowledgeable professionals collaborate, sharing their resources and knowledge.  From insurance planning and business succession strategies to tax and retirement planning, business owners need deliberate and meticulous financial advisors by their side.

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