Let Us Realize Your Financial Security

CPAs are often clients’ most trusted advisors, offering unbiased service with the sole aim of saving them as much money as possible. As a CPA with a wealth management partnership, this trust can be expanded upon as you provide a comprehensive, seamless solution for your clients. Our business is built on over 35 years of experience partnering with CPAs. We pioneered the partnership between CPA and financial advisor. We can elevate your position with your clients by providing truly exceptional service with you, the CPA, at the helm.

Partnering with Kolinsky Wealth Management means offering your clients’ services that not only address their immediate needs, but may help them achieve their long-term goals as well.

Partnering with Kolinsky Wealth Management may help you build important business relationships and make valuable industry connections. As we engage with your practice, your sphere of influence will expand, helping you network with the prominent organizations, individuals and business owners who we currently serve.

By developing a dynamic partnership with our experienced, trusted team of advisors, you can complement the services you offer your valued clients and expand your network of beneficial resources.

Case Studies

This may not be representative of other clients.

Case Study 1

A 55-year old plastic surgeon was looking to enhance his retirement plan. We were able to design a Defined Benefit retirement program that allowed the doctor to contribute approximately $255,000, of which he and his wife would receive $244,000 or 94% of the contribution. Approximately $150,000 was invested in fixed income annuities and $100,000 was invested in high cash value life insurance. In addition to getting a substantial tax deduction, the doctor also obtained $1,083,000 of life insurance protection for himself and $291,000 for his wife.

Case Study 2

A young professional commodities broker with a wife and four children sold his seat on the New York Stock Exchange in exchange for common stock when the Exchange went public. Instantaneously, his net worth was in excess of $12 million. Upon closing this transaction, he immediately had a sizeable estate tax liability. There was a need to buy life insurance as funding for future estate taxes so we created an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust and updated his wills.