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Estate Planning is about more than reducing estate taxes and increasing estate liquidity. We spend hours with clients helping them plan what assets pass to which child or other family members. We help you outline your plan before sending you to an estate planning attorney to prepare your documents. KWM investment advisors coordinates our plan with your accountant and attorney to create you estate planning team.

Effective estate planning successfully navigates the complexities of our tax code and legal system to ensure that your heirs inherit as much of your estate as possible, while preserving your assets, legacy, and wishes along the way.

A well designed estate plan not only helps to accumulate and preserve assets that enhance your financial position during your lifetime, but it should also provide your loved ones the appropriate financial security after your death. It is essential to address, among other topics, estate taxes, estate liquidity, family income needs and asset distribution.

Working closely with your attorney and accountant, we help design a properly integrated estate plan that will allow you and your spouse to leave the assets you wish to your heirs while helping to minimize estate taxes.

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When all involved parties work with efficient and effective communication, your estate planning strategy maximizes what it can do for you and your family. Our knowledge has been a vital component to helping guide the people of Bergen, Orange, Rockland and Westchester Counties through the complicated estate planning process for over 30 years.

Why Estate Planning Matters

Preserving your assets for those you care about is an important part of your legacy. Our country’s complex tax codes make estate planning a complicated process. If there aren’t preemptive plans in place, you can end up owing the federal government and state more than you think.

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