Business owners have a lot on their plate. Between day-to-day operations, expanding a customer base, managing relationships and keeping proper books, the typical owner is left with little time to handle even important matters that don’t necessarily fall within their everyday responsibilities.

Still, even the most committed, passionate business owners want to be able to envision an ideal retirement. However, given the intricacies involved in establishing and maintaining a qualified retirement plan, businesses need to be certain they partner with a firm that possesses extensive knowledge to make sure their chosen solution is compliant and effective.

Fortunately for our neighbors in Bergen, Orange, Rockland and Westchester Counties, Kolinsky Wealth Management has been providing those very solutions for 30 years. We work with the business owner, actuary and CPA to provide the most suitable solution for each business owner’s specific needs and goals.

About Retirement Plan Consulting

The most effective qualified retirement plans are ones that take a comprehensive approach to the many involved components. The utmost care and attention to detail must be invested into all stages of plan inception and maintenance, from design and administration to investment choices and distributions.

Failure to properly establish and maintain a plan could very well mean a business owner loses the tax benefits and retirement income that were so integral to their choice of plan.

Why Retirement Plan Consulting Matters

A qualified retirement plan requires abundant preparation. With several moving parts, retirement plan consulting needs to make sure all legalities are met and the plan works to the benefit of the owner. With substantial tax benefits to the owner and long-term financial stability at stake, qualified plans like 401(k)s and SEP IRAs are too important to leave unattended or ill-designed.

How We Can Help

At KWM, we leverage our experience and knowledge to design the most suitable and effective retirement plans possible. Our comprehensive approach takes all facets of retirement plans into account, providing you with a tax efficient, well-designed and goal-oriented solution.

Our Experience

With multiple CFPs and retirement professionals, KWM has the experience that only a well-seasoned firm can provide. As a member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), our objectivity, independence and commitment to offering the very best retirement plan consulting speak to our thorough approach.

Our Commitment

Kolinsky Wealth Management is an independent advisory firm. Our sole focus is to provide unbiased, comprehensive financial guidance to the people of Bergen, Orange, Rockland and Westchester Counties. With KWM, you can be assured you will receive the fundamentally-sound retirement plan consulting that has made us a valuable part of this community for three decades.

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