The road to financial freedom isn’t always straight or defined. Like most things in this world, life has a way of throwing the unforeseen in front of your finances, most often when the road seems safe, secure and welcoming. For that reason, a comprehensive financial plan is needed to achieve your financial goals and to prepare for when life throws a detour your way.

At Kolinsky Wealth Management, our 35 years of experience in financial planning for the people of Bergen, Orange, Rockland and Westchester Counties give us the experience and knowledge needed to design meaningful, insightful financial plans. From asset management and estate planning to insurance needs and even business planning strategies, our meticulous approach to comprehensive financial planning could very well make the difference in realizing your financial goals.

About Comprehensive Financial Planning

Simply put, a comprehensive financial plan looks at the current state of your personal finances and where you want to be at varying stages in life. From there, we assemble a realistic strategy to help you reach these goals. Such planning includes applying risk management to test how well your finances will deal with unexpected events, using differential analysis to monitor various levels of performance and income and executing a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Why Comprehensive Financial Planning Matters

Your finances are the most significant aspect of planning for the future. Developing a sense of direction and purpose will help establish relevant financial goals. A financial plan built with these goals in mind provides you a framework for your future, serving as a constant benchmark to help make sure you are consistently aligned with your established objectives.

How We Can Help

Kolinsky Wealth Management leverages proprietary resources as well as our vast knowledge to build custom financial plans for our clients. As your financial situation or goals change, we change your plan, making sure the most immediate and relevant data is always used.

Our Experience

With our three decades of experience, Kolinsky Wealth Management brings a knowledge and skillset that can only be obtained through longevity. Our firm includes Certified Financial Planners, members of the Financial Planning Association and professionals from a wide range of disciplines. All of these designations are required to design insightful financial plans.

Our Commitment

Kolinsky Wealth Management continually supports our neighbors in Bergen, Orange, Rockland and Westchester Counties. With KWM by your side, you never have to drive down any financial roads alone. Our comprehensive financial planning services will always provide you the direction you need to get to help you reach your ultimate financial goals.

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