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Kolinsky Wealth Management

Wealth Management and Financial Service Provider in New Jersey

Kolinsky Wealth Management focuses on relationships, not products. Only after we have a full understanding of your financial picture do we begin to construct a customized solution that suits your unique needs. We succeed by developing trusting relationships with our clients—working closely with attorneys, accountants and other professionals to create personalized wealth management strategies tailored just for you.

The clients we serve are a remarkable and diverse group. They range from successful entrepreneurs and small business owners to high net worth families and corporate executives, all with significant resources to nurture, grow and protect. No matter where you fit into this spectrum, you can be sure that our commitment remains to serve every client as a unique individual with a unique plan to help you meet your financial goals.

Steven Kolinsky Profile

Since 1982, Steven Kolinsky has provided thousands of clients with sound advice, investment guidance and counsel. His experience and knowledge has made him one of the top Financial Advisers in the country…

Jason M. Kolinsky, CFP(R) Profile

Jason Kolinsky is an Investment Advisor Representative with Kolinsky Wealth Management, LLC., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, and Life and Health Insurance Producer for Kolinsky Financial Group, Inc.

Financial Planning

Defining specific goals and developing an appropriate plan to accomplish each of them is an important part of an overall financial strategy. Your goals may include retiring comfortably, funding a child’s or grandchild’s education, evaluating your investment performance, or leaving your heirs the largest legacy possible…

Investment Advisory Services

The goal of our investment advisory services is to help clients build and protect personal wealth by utilizing detailed, systematic investment strategies. We’ll help you develop a personalized plan that we benchmark and review overtime to ensure that your goals remain on track…

Insurance Planning Strategies

Our proven professional expertise is leveraged by access to highly specialized teams. Our team consults with specialists in such areas as tax law and complex accounting issues…

Estate Planning Strategies

A well designed estate plan not only helps to accumulate and preserve assets that enhance your financial position during your lifetime, but it should also provide your loved ones the appropriate financial security after your death. It is essential to address, among other topics, estate taxes, estate liquidity, family income needs and asset distribution…

Long-Term Care Planning

How to provide for long-term care. Planning for retirement, healthcare, and home health issues is very important to your financial security…

Retirement Plan Consulting & Design

Kolinsky Wealth Management’s Retirement Planning Division has the resources and depth of experience to provide a variety of retirement plan strategies and services…

Wealth Management

Kolinsky Wealth Management focuses on relationships, not products. Only after we have a full understanding of your financial picture do we begin to construct a customized solution that suits your unique needs…

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We have been working with Kolinsky Wealth Management, LLC. for more than twenty years. I have trusted them to handle my personal money as well as insurance. I have always found them to be very responsive and knowledgeable.
Al Muhlrad, Remee Products
If you are like me, when you meet with your financial advisor after 15 minutes my eyes glaze over and your mind is spinning. If that is the case, then Kolinsky Wealth Management is the firm for you. My expertise is not financial investing nor do I want it to be. However, I do want to protect my investments and maximize my return. Kolinsky Wealth Management has guided me thru this process. My account is as diversified as I want it to be. They come up with suggestions from the ultra conservative to more imaginative investments. I am not ready to retire yet and do not want to accept the minimum return. Working with Steve and his staff is very comfortable and I don’t feel like I am settling. They don’t waste your time with idle chit-chat and you receive an email or call back within the same business day. If you don’t want to settle for the same old same old Kolinsky Wealth Management is the place for you.
No Nonsense Business ApproachCraig O’Donnell, President,Summerlin West LLC, Wappinger Falls, NY
One of Kolinsky Wealth Management’s best qualities is that the employees actually listen to what its client’s wishes are.
Stewart Alpert
Steven has provided invaluable service and advice to me and my company at a time when financial markets were in turmoil. His advice was very helpful to navigate this very difficult period. I work closely with various members of the Kolinsky Wealth staff and all have been professional and efficient in serving my needs.
Jeff Haber, W&W Glass